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FAQs: Results & Qualifying Times

What does "NT" mean?

It simply means that "no time" has been recorded yet for this swimmer in this event on this team

Does the "x" next to their time mean that the time won't count?

No. Only a "DQ" (disqualification for a start, stroke, turn, or finish infraction) will result in the time not being counted.

What does it mean if my swimmer has an "x" next to their time?

"This small "x" is normally inserted in front of a result time to show that the entry was ineligible to score either because the entry exceeded the maximum entries per team that can score" (Hytek). (Since the Tritons are a large team, this will frequently happen at tri-meets with smaller teams, in order to "level the playing field" for Team Point scoring)

On the "Best Times Report", what does the "VSA" mean next to my swimmer's time?

It means that your swimmer has achieved a 2019 Qualifying Time for the VSA State Meet in their age group at the time of the Meet. Swimmers must also attend a minimum of 3 regular season events to be eligible for States.

What if my swimmer has a birthday during the regular season, which moves them up into the next Age Group of swimmers?

If a swimmer "ages up" (has a July / August birthday) during the season, they are only eligible to swim at States if they have achieved the VSA qualifying time for the Age they WILL BE as of August 3, 2019.

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