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Volunteer Policy (Parents)

Summer swim meets require a great deal of parent involvement to run smoothly and efficiently. Success of the swim meets is due to our parent volunteers. Parent interest and reliability are the only qualifications for most meet jobs.

Each parent is expected to participate. We appreciate your involvement and hope that you will find this a unique opportunity to be involved in a meaningful working relationship with the swimmers, coaches and other members of The ManchesterTriton Swim Team.

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Volunteer Roles


  • Use a stopwatch or Dolphin timer to time each swimmer’s event, push start at sight of strobe-light and stop when swimmer touches the wall, if you have a stopwatch. (Just stop the event, if you have a Dolphin)
  • Verify name of swimmer with the name on the sheet on which time will be recorded
  • 2 timers per lane (split with visiting or hosting team)
  • Newcomers will be paired with Experienced Timers
  • Prepare to get wet, and prepare to have the most exciting spot for watching finishes! 

Bullpen *(See Note Below):

  • Calls swimmers (10 and Unders) to line up at the starting blocks, making sure swimmers are sorted by heat /by lane.
  • Assists in getting swimmers into the right lane on the right side of the pool (*this is especially important with the younger swimmers and relay events)
  • Lots of patience and organization for all bullpen positions
  • This position is IDEAL for parents of younger swimmers since they'll know the swimmers, IF those parents have help for their younger swimmers at the meets.

* Note on Bullpen:

All swimmers are responsible for getting themselves to their proper lanes in time for their events. Younger swimmers need extra support from their parents / guardians at the meet to keep track of the time and events. 

Bullpen volunteers will try to help parents, guardians and swimmers with this task, but they cannot look for swimmers.

Coaches are NOT responsible for lining up swimmers, as they will be watching races and giving individual feedback to swimmers.

Volunteer Coordinator (Full Meet)

  • Checks in with All Volunteers during the Meet to confirm they know when and where they're working
  • Makes sure that All Volunteers are relieved near the end of their shift
  • Locates Subs in case Volunteers have last minute emergencies / absences

Concessions (Home Meets Only):

  • First shift arrives before swimmers arrive at pool to set up and starts selling concessions, sharing coverage and taking breaks to watch events.
  • Later shifts sell / serve food, take breaks to watch events, and clean up at end of the meet.

Duckies / Heat Winner (Home Meets Only):

  • Passes out duckies to winners of individual heats
  • Expect big smiles from all swimmers!

Event Board (Home Meets Only):

  • Seated position near Lifeguard Stand at MPR Pool
  • Listen to Starter for Events and Heats 
  • Check Program and Update Events and Heats on Dry Erase Board

Runner (Home Meets Only):

  • Takes completed sheets from the recording timer and stroke and turn judges and gives them to Timing Judge (Computer)
  • Visits timers at starting blocks to investigate timing discrepancies during the meet, as directed by the Timing Judge 
  • Hand out waters to volunteers once per shift

Ribbons (Home Meets Only): 

  • Attaches results to ribbons and sorts into team envelopes, at Table under Tent located next to Score Table

Timing Judge / Computer Trainee (Home Meets Only)

  • Sits next to Timing Judge / Computer at Home Meets to learn all aspects of this job
  • Investigates discrepancies between times before finalizing results
  • Prints results to be posted by Runner

Experienced Positions (Requiring additional training)

Timing Judge / Computer:

  • Requires training on computer
  • Signals to starter for next event to begin
  • Investigates discrepancies between times before finalizing results
  • Prints results to be posted by Runner

Stroke and Turn Officials

  • Familiarize yourself with current rules and regulations on strokes and turns
  • Watch swimmers' strokes and turns for compliance with regulations during Meets
  • Complete DQ slips if infractions are noted
  • Attend a Stroke and Turn Clinic (time TBD) plus shadow a Triton Official during a Meet if you're interested in this position

Starter/Announcer (Home Meets Only)

  • Requires Status as Official plus additional training
  • Announces each swim meet event
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Triton Team Dinner to be held at the Fairfield Inn in White River Junction, Saturday, August 3rd at 6pm. 


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